Title: The Fairy Pools


Photographer: Tom Conniffe

Photo technical info: Canon 5D mark 4. LENS; Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8 L 2 USM @ 21 mm. F11, 0.4 Seconds, ISO;200

Story behind the photo: Taken at The Fairy Pools, a well known beauty spot on The Isle of Skye in Western Scotland.  The Fairy Pools are a series of waterfalls tumbling down from the mountains behind.  The pools take on a seemingly vibrant blue and  green hue in colour, due to the colours of the underlying rock.  I visited there in March 2017 with fellow Club member Sean Griffin and two other photographers as part of a photographic tour of The Isle of Skye.  It is a wonderfully beautiful place and we were fortunate with the weather.  This is one of the higher pools and possibly the prettiest. There was a small fall of snow which gave definition to the mountains behind and I was also lucky to have a nice dramatic sky behind the mountains, which along with the withered heather seems to add layers and depth to the photograph.  Everything had almost fallen into place and the final piece of the jigsaw was to have a good pair of wellingtons so that I could get out into the middle of the stream to get a pleasing composition with those great boulders in the foreground.

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