Judging Night


When learning to improve your photography nothing beats practice and feedback.  At Dunboyne Camera Club we regularly hold a judging night where we invite a photography professional or a member of another club to review a selection of photographs submitted by members over a period of a couple of months. Each month we ask members to submit two photos – one on a selected theme and one of their personal choice.  Photos are submitted in print form – size 12×8 inches and mounted on a  16×12 inch board for display and presentation purposes.  While some clubs accept electronic copies, we have chosen prints as an opportunity to learn about printing photos and for members to build their printed collection.  However, it can present a challenge for the person tasked with delivering them to the judge!

The results are always eagerly awaited and we usually award a small token for the best photo selected by the judge.  However, it is the critique of the individual photographs and scores awarded that provide the greatest benefit.  A good judge will provide constructive comments on what they like about a photograph and give suggestions for improvement.  By receiving this feedback as a group, all members have the opportunity to learn and improve.  We usually have a presentation by the judge on their own photography or a subject of their choice and these are always interesting and often entertaining.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dunboyne Camera Club, why not come along to our next judging night on 20 March by contacting us at dunboynecameraclub@gmail.com


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