Some changes in the club following our AGM in January…

Our club held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 30th January and agreed to some pretty major changes in an effort to rejuvenate the club by encouraging more participation from existing members and make it more attractive for new members.

A new committee (which, it has to be said, looks remarkably like the old committee!) was elected.  Members are as follows:

Tom Conniffe – Chairman
Billy Clarke – Secretary
Seán Griffin – Treasurer
Aidan Smyth – Events and Activities
David Prendergast – PR and Webmaster

The following are among the main decisions taken at the meeting:

  • The club year will be changed  from the current January to December, to September to June, to better reflect what actually happens in the club.  This will involve a change in the constitution of the Club;
  • Membership fees until June 2018 will be €35 and then €60 for the full year September 2018 to June 2019;
  • The club will now meet on alternate weeks, on Tuesdays, as opposed to every week; this is being done on a trial basis for 6 months and it is hoped that the reduced commitment in time will encourage people to attend more regularly. This will in turn allow us to schedule guest speakers more often, etc.
  • The committee will prepare and publish a rolling 3-month calendar of events;
  • Our next AGM will be held in May 2018, to reflect the change to the club year;
  • Our new website will feature an “Image of the Month”, which will be accompanied by brief story about the photo and the camera settings used;
  • To avoid confusion and help deal with increasing memory loss, members will now have a permanent number assigned that will be used for photo submissions and other relevant club activities.  The number will be assigned to new members on joining.

Those were the key outcomes from the AGM which was well attended. If you were there and think that anything of importance has been omitted above, please leave a comment below and we will update it ASAP.

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